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Humboldt Penguins

Even if they have wings, they cannot fly, at least not in the air. But they can fly when they are in water. And very fast! Almost 50 kilometers per hour. quickly.

Emaar Akvaryum - Penguenler

Scientific Name: Spheniscus humboldti | Geographical Distribution: Chile and Peru
They got their general name from the cold Humboldt current that flows along the coast. Incidentally, both the penguin and this stream are named after the 18th century. They are named after Alexander von Humboldt, one of the century explorers. Humboldt penguins spend their lives with a single mate.

They have pink spots on their faces, feet and under their wings, which act as a kind of air conditioner in warmer climates, allowing penguins to adapt to this climate.

Although they have wings, they cannot fly…in the air, at least. But they fly when they’re in the water… so fast! Almost 50 kilometers per hour. quickly. Their eyes have a transparent second eyelid that helps them see even when underwater.

They have a special ritual for themselves, and during this ritual they straighten their hair with the oil they produce. This oil has both waterproofing and cold insulation properties.

Be sure to see the Humbolt penguins being fed by our expert aquaculture engineers. Click for feeding times.