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Our residents

We Work for Happy Lives

We care for more than 200 species under our responsibility every day and work to ensure that they survive in the best conditions.

Our expert teams closely follow the latest academic articles and publications on animal welfare.

Emaar Akvaryum - Piranalar
Emaar Akvaryum - Penguenler
Our Creatures

Get to Know Our Family Members Closely

You can find the biographies of the creatures in the Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo below.

Spotted stingray
Living Area: South America Diet: Fish, worms and crustaceans. It has a strong sting that can cause severe pain. Their needles are on the tail and they are renewed several…
Emaar Akvaryum - Vatoz
Cow Nose Stingray
Cow nose stingrays’ spines are less dangerous than other types of stingrays because the thorn is lower, so there is less chance of someone stepping on it.
Emaar Akvaryum - Timsah Krallığı
Crocodile Fish
Alligator fish are called “primitive fish” or “living fossil” because they retain some of the morphological features of their oldest ancestors.
Emaar Akvaryum - Nil Varanı
Nile Varani
Like all monitors, they have highly developed olfactory abilities and forked tongues. The nostrils are above their noses,
Emaar Akvaryum - Çin Su Ejderi
Chinese Water Dragon
Chinese water dragons mostly live in freshwater lakes and streams. They are active during the day and spend most of their time in trees and plants.
Emaar Akvaryum - Pangasus
Also called Mekong giants, this species can reach 350 kg in weight and is one of the largest freshwater fish.
Emaar Akvaryum - Domuz Burunlu
Pig Nosed Tortoise
Pig-nosed turtles are not entirely aquatic. They are turtles with soft shells and their noses are shaped like a pig’s nose and are very soft.
Emaar Akvaryum - Yeşil İguana
Green Iguana
Their senses of hearing, smell and sight are highly developed. They can see shapes, shadows and colors even from far distances.
Emaar Akvaryum - Rakunlar
One of the most interesting features of raccoons is that they do not eat their food without washing it in water. In fact, these features are not related to their…
Emaar Akvaryum - Mirketler
Meerkats are social mammals that live in groups of 2-30 individuals, each consisting of almost equal numbers of both sexes and multiple pairs and their offspring.
Emaar Akvaryum - Köpekbalıkları
There are 5 species of sharks in our aquarium: Bamboo Shark, Zebra Shark, Guitar Fish, Nurse Shark and Blackfin Shark.
Emaar Akvaryum - Vervet Maymunu
Vervet Monkey
In Vervet monkey groups, babies are the object of tremendous attention. Days after a baby is born, each member of the group examines the baby by touch or smell at…
Emaar Akvaryum - Dev Su Fareleri
Giant Water Mice
Giant water rats are strict vegetarians and can obtain their food from both land and water. They push aquatic plants into their mouths with their front paws to eat.
Often referred to as the “rainforests of the seas”, shallow-water coral reefs form one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. Although they cover less than 0.1% of the world’s…
The Red Belly Piranha is known for its ferocity and aggression. They have very sharp triangular teeth and use their sensors to detect movement in the river.
Cayman Lizard
The easiest way to distinguish a Caiman gecko is by its unique color scheme.
Flying squirrel
Flying squirrel “sugar gliders” (Petaurus breviceps) are highly social squirrel-sized creatures that live in small colonies in the forests of Australia and New Guinea.
Naked Mole Rat
Neither mouse nor mole! Despite their name, naked mole rats are more closely related to hedgehogs and guinea pigs than to rats and moles.
Spider Kingdom
The world’s most venomous and creepy creatures tarantulas are at Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Spider Kingdom!
Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to 5 species of snakes in the Snake Hill area.
Humboldt Penguins
Humboldt penguins spend their lives with only one mate.
Otters are the only mammals that can use their claws in the same way that humans use their hands.
Baby Crocodiles
Today’s cute, tomorrow’s frightening baby crocodiles await visitors in the crocodile kingdom at Emaar Aquarium.
King Crocodile Among Us
The most enormous creature of the animal kingdom, the male giant saltwater crocodile weighing 750 kg and the length of 5 meters, and its female took their place in their…