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Raccoon’s homeland is around waterways, lakes and swamps. At night, it hunts other animals that haunt the water shores here. The thin-toed raccoon is a good swimmer. It catches prey such as fish, crayfish, frogs, salamanders and mussels while swimming. But this animal feeds on eggs, birds, insects, rats, and any creeping creature with the same appetite. In its season, it loves walnuts, fruits, especially strawberries and blackberries. When the corn ripens, the cornfields are also attacked by the raccoon at night. It is interesting to note that the raccoon’s custom of first dipping the meat it eats into water is interesting. For this reason, he was given the name “washer” ( lotor ). No matter how clean the piece of meat is, he will not eat it without washing it thoroughly in a nearby water.

Raccoon’s fingers are long. The sense of touch is very developed. It takes shelter in a tree hollow or in a warm cave among the rocks. This carnivorous animal spends most of its waking hours on the ground, although it can climb trees very easily and saves its life many times. After a long summer resting during the day and foraging for food at night, he retreats to his lair and sleeps until spring. In the meantime, he sometimes wakes up to mate or feed himself. The male raccoon, like the bear, solves family problems by accepting no responsibility. After a short courtship in the middle of winter, she returns to her single life.

Habitat: North America