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  1. As Emaar, we attach importance to the privacy and security of your personal data. In this context, as Emaar Libadiye Gayrimenkul Geliştirme A.Ş. (“Emaar Aquarium“) in the capacity of Data Supervisor with this Clarification Text (“Clarification Text“), we would like to inform you about the processing of your personal data through the website of www.bilet.emaarakvaryum.com (“Website”) in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation in force (“Legislation“), especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698 (“KVKK“) and the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce No.6563 (“ETK“). You may find further information about the purposes of processing your personal data from the Emaar Group Personal Data Protection Policy (“Privacy Policy”) at “www.emaarakvaryum.com”.
  • Your Collected Personal Data (CLARIFICATION TEXT FOR CUSTOMERS)

In accordance with the KVKK, all kinds of information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person are defined as “personal data”; any transaction performed on the personal data, such as obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, changing, reorganizing, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, classifying or obstructing its usage through fully or partially automatic means or non-automatic means provided that they are part of any data recording system is considered as “processing of personal data”. In this context, your personal data processed by Emaar Aquarium are as follows:

  • Your Identity Data (name, surname)
    • Your Contact Data (e-mail address, mobile phone number, address, province, district)
    • Your Financial Data (your credit card information)
    • Your location and process security information (consent records, IP address, pixel tags, clickstream, traffic data)

Our Purpose and Legal Reason for Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data collected by EMAAR AQUARIUM in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in KVKK may be processed within the scope of KVKK Art.5/2, based on the legal reasons; “explicitly stipulated in the laws”, “mandatory for the data controller to fulfill his legal obligation” and “It is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or execution of a contract” within the scope of the following purposes:

  • Fulfilling the necessities of the contract with customers who want to benefit from EMAAR AQUARIUM services by purchasing tickets,
    • Execution and follow-up of financial transactions,
    • Carrying out activities related to information security processes and information technology infrastructure,
    • Carrying out activities that have legal, technical and administrative consequences,
    • Meeting the requirements of the relevant legislation and/or the demands of authorized institutions and organizations.

Your collected personal data may be processed by EMAAR AQUARIUM in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in KVKK for the following purposes, if you give your explicit consent within the scope of Article 5/1 of KVKK:

  • Planning and execution of marketing and sales processes of products and services,
  • Providing opportunities for specific products and services for you through traffic measurement, statistical and analytical analysis, profiling/segmentation studies, targeting and re-targeting for sales and marketing activities,
  • Carrying out profiling and analysis activities, recommending and promoting the products and services offered to you by customizing them according to your taste, usage habits and needs,
  • Sending commercial electronic messages such as advertisements, promotions, etc. to your contact information you have shared, and your being informed about all kinds of campaigns and events organized by EMAAR AQUARIUM,
  • Providing you with a better service, providing and offering various advantages, providing information about sales, marketing, notification, promotions, providing information about the campaign and its conditions, conducting surveys, customer satisfaction surveys
  • Planning and execution of corporate communication activities.
  • Online or offline digital content sharing,
  • Making our website easier to use and improving, and engaging in improvement activities such as the feedback feature.

Parties to which Your Personal Data are Transferred and Transfer Purposes 

Your personal data processed by EMAAR AQUARIUM may be transferred to the persons and institutions, their suppliers, service providers, and business partners from which EMAAR AQUARIUM receives services and/or consultancy services in Turkey and who are obliged to comply with confidentiality obligations for the purpose of EMAAR AQUARIUM’s providing the service and product or for the performance of the contract in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in KVKK and in accordance with Article 8/1 of KVKK in the presence of your explicit consent, in cases where your explicit consent is needed within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes. Besides, within the scope of the activities, we have explained above, your personal data may be transferred to legally authorized public institutions and authorized private persons in accordance with KVKK Art.8/2.

Besides, in line with the realization of the above-mentioned objectives; In accordance with KVKK article 8/1, in the presence of your explicit consent, they may be shared with Emaar’s group companies residing in the country, Emaar Properties Gayrimenkul Geliştirme A.Ş. (“Emaar Properties“) and Emaar Gayrimenkul Geliştirme A.Ş. (“Emaar Gayrimenkul“) and in accordance with KVKK Art.9/1 in the presence of your explicit consent, and with Emaar group companies abroad; Emaar Properties PJSC (“Emaar PJSC“) and affiliated group companies (Emaar Properties, Emaar Gayrimenkul and Emaar PJSC and affiliated group companies will be referred to as “Emaar Group Companies” hereinafter), and with our business partners and suppliers residing abroad, from whom we receive services with a contract and who are obliged to comply with confidentiality obligations. 

Collection Method of Your Personal Data

Your personal data shall be collected and processed by EMAAR AQUARIUM within the scope of the Legislation through e-mail, online communication systems, customer relations management systems (CRM, SAP, etc.), or other automatic methods or, through the cookies we use if you visit our website, or in case you fill and send the form on our “Online Ticket” page, provided that it is not contrary to the Legislation, from the suppliers with whom EMAAR AQUARIUM has a contractual relationship.

  • Retention Period of Your Personal Data


EMAAR AQUARIUM will retain your personal data within the scope of the processing purposes described in this Clarification Text, within the period specified in the Emaar Group Data Retention and Destruction Policy. Your personal data, whose retention period has expired, is deleted or destroyed by EMAAR AQUARIUM. While determining our Deletion and Destruction Policy, (i) the duration of our communication with you and/or (ii) the legal retention periods are taken into consideration.


Where EMAAR AQUARIUM receives your personal data directly from you, we inform you about the processing and usage purposes of your personal data collected. We also offer options to restrict the use and disclosure of your personal information. Our notifications are made in clear and understandable language when we request information from you. EMAAR AQUARIUM does not use or disclose this information for any other purpose other than the purpose declared when they were first collected.

Your Rights

We would like to remind you that, you have the right (i) to learn whether your personal data has been processed, (ii) to request information if they have been processed, (iii) işlenme amacını ve bunların amacına uygun kullanılıp kullanılmadığını öğrenme, (iv) to know the third parties to whom they were transferred at home / abroad, (v) if they have been processed incompletely/incorrectly, to ask for correction, (vi) to request their deletion or destruction, and to notify third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred if you exercise this right, (vii) to object to the result about you by analyzing the information we obtain with automatic systems and to request compensation in case of damage. If you want to exercise your mentioned rights, you may submit your applications to EMAAR AQUARIUM, after filling out the Emaar Turkey KVKK application form to which you can access via our website www.emaarakvaryum.com and printing it out, by sending to the application address Ünalan Mah. Libadiye Cad. No:82F, K:1, Üsküdar/Istanbul with the words “Request for Information under the Personal Data Protection Law” written on the envelope or by sending an e-mail to the [email protected] address.

Depending on the nature of your request, your applications will be concluded free of charge as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest; whereas, if the transaction requires an additional cost, you may be charged according to the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

  • Your Consent and Explicit Consent (Consent Text Regarding Processing Personal Data)

EMAAR AQUARIUM believes that the explicit consent to be taken from you is one of the most important privacy principles. You have the right not to provide us with your personal data.

EMAAR AQUARIUM also obtains explicit consent to send commercial electronic messages to you, directly or indirectly, regarding general and special campaigns, advantages, product-service promotions, advertising, market research surveys, and other customer satisfaction practices.

If you do not want to be included in our announcement and information list, you are authorized to access and control commercial electronic messages sent by EMAAR AQUARIUM for notification and communication purposes. If you do not want us to contact you, you can use your “Cancellation” right in digital channels. If you exercise your right of cancellation, you will not be contacted, and marketing and promotional activities will not be carried out via electronic messages. Two different “opt-in” mechanisms have been provided in order to receive electronic messages from EMAAR AQUARIUM within the scope of promotional and marketing activities via e-mail or SMS. Your personal data will not be processed by EMAAR AQUARIUM and you will not receive any electronic messages from EMAAR AQUARIUM unless you check the aforementioned “opt-in” boxes separately for an explicit permission. Before we begin to provide you with the service requested from us for certain communications and services, we will verify the explicit consent you have given us. If you wish to stop the electronic messages provided by us at a later time, you can cancel your choice by clicking the “opt-out” link in each e-mail if we send an e-mail. You can cancel your SMS via SMS by writing EMR and sending an SMS to 4607 free of charge.

  • Privacy Policy, Changes in the Clarification Text

The Privacy Policy, Clarification Text, and Cookie Policy may be periodically reviewed and revised. By using this Website, you have understood and agreed that we have the right to change our Privacy Policy, this Clarification Text, and Cookie Policy without prior notice and that we will take care to post the changes on this page so that you can be informed about the types of information we collect, how we use them and, if any, under what conditions we will disclose them. On our website, we will show the last update date of the Privacy Policy, the Clarification Text, and the Cookie Policy. We recommend you to visit our Personal Data Protection page every time you visit our website so that you are aware of any changes.

  • Cookies

In its most explicit terms, cookies are small-sized files consisting of a series of characters sent to your computer or mobile device to recognize and remember you when you visit a website and keep a variety of information about your visit.  Most web browsers have cookie blocking mode when visiting websites. If you activate the cookie blocking mode in your internet browser, you will not be able to take advantage of some of the features we have developed for you on our website.

We would like to point out that information collected through cookies and other technologies is considered non-personal information and is only used to provide a better service to our visitors and members and to improve our services.

You can find detailed information about the cookies we use in our Cookie Policy.

To learn more about cookies and how to set your cookie preferences, please search for “cookies” in the “Help” section of your browser.

  • Cookie Policy
  • Digital Services and Security Principles


We take care of the security of personally identifiable information and take all reasonable measures to protect it. In order to prevent the transmission of personally identifiable information, EMAAR AQUARIUM uses SSL technology. With this technology, your personal data is encrypted before it is transmitted between your computer and our servers. Although EMAAR AQUARIUM implements SSL technology, we cannot guarantee confidentiality for any messages sent to and from our websites for some reasons (including e-mail communications). We protect your personal data from unauthorized access by storing it on website servers and using reasonable technical and procedural controls.

Web Line Outage Messages

In order to measure activity and/or traffic on our sites, our sites may use “pixel tags” (also called GIF (Graphics Interchange Formats), web line outage messages, and web bugs) with cookies. A pixel tag is a type of web page graphic and is usually invisible because it is 1×1 pixel in size. These tags track the number of users visiting our site and track their navigation within our site. To illustrate, we can use this tag when we want to statistically count the people who use our site or which pages of our site these users have visited.

We do not use pixel tags technology to receive any personal data.

Sometimes we put pixel tags in our HTML-formatted e-mail messages we send (or sent on our behalf) to detect which e-mail messages have been opened and whether an action was taken based on the e-mail messages. You can render some pixel tags or web line outage messages unavailable by canceling their respective cookie.

IP Addresses

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is usually a number that your Internet Service Provider automatically allocates to your computer when you connect to the Internet. Like other websites, EMAAR AQUARIUM may collect IP addresses to collectively analyze the number of visitors and site usage information. Your IP address is not linked to the personal information you have provided. Whereas, EMAAR AQUARIUM reserves the right to use IP addresses to identify individuals threatening our site, our services, or our customers, in accordance with regulatory requirements.


The “clickstream” or “clickstream data” reflects the web pages a user has visited, and more importantly, it shows the status or traffic pattern that caused the user to move from one web page to another. We only track such information on our own website; specifically, we do not monitor clickstream actions outside of the EMAAR AQUARIUM Website.

Clickstream data does not contain or disclose any personally identifiable information about the user, and we do not compare this data with personal information provided by you.

In some of our e-mail messages, link click URLs that link to the content on the EMAAR AQUARIUM Website are used. When you click one of these URLs, you pass through a separate web server before reaching the target page on our website. These link click data are monitored in order to determine the interest in certain subjects and to measure the effectiveness of our communication. If you do not want to be monitored in this way, you should not click on links from e-mail messages.

Use of Content

Use of this online service is subject to the terms of use of this service itself. For further information about the Terms of Use of EMAAR AQUARIUM, please click here.

Leaving the Site

We provide links to other websites to provide resources to our users. We try to carefully select these sites that we believe are useful and can meet our high standards. However, we do not guarantee the standards of every site to which we link, nor are we responsible for the content of sites other than this site. Links to external websites we provide are for your convenience and/or informational purposes only and do not contain any warranty.

Other Matters to Consider

EMAAR AQUARIUM also actively uses social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Social media content and its features are subject to the respective platform’s own privacy policy. To learn about the social media privacy policy, please read the privacy policies of the relevant platform carefully.

Please note that the websites of advertisers and third parties that link to our Websites may collect personally identifiable information from you. The information practices of these sites linked to us via advertisements or other hyperlinks are not covered by this Clarification Text. When you connect to another site, we strongly recommend that you read that site’s privacy policy before voluntarily providing your personal identifying information.

Explicit Consent Text (KVKK)

I have read and understood the EMAAR AQUARIUM & Underwater Zoo Clarification Text on Protection of Personal Data. In this context, I give consent with my own free will that my personal data specified in this Clarification Text be processed within the scope of the purposes specified in the Clarification Text, and that they may be shared by Emaar with Emaar Group Companies, affiliates, suppliers and business partners at home and abroad, and within this scope, they may be transferred abroad.

 Communication Permit (ETK)

Besides, through the communication channels I have specified below, I consent to be provided and offered various advantages, made announcements and notifications, and communicated with me for these purposes and sent commercial electronic messages for promotional, advertising, sales, marketing, surveys, and similar purposes.


Short Message (SMS)