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Baby Crocodiles

Today’s cute, tomorrow’s frightening baby crocodiles await visitors in the crocodile kingdom at Emaar Aquarium.

Emaar Akvaryum - Yavru Timsahlar

5.5 meters tall giant king crocodile Rob and 3 meters tall female Silk, one of the largest reptiles in the world, who came to Emaar Aquarium in 2017 from the crocodile farm in Queensland, Australia, gave birth to 14 puppies in May. The Crocodile Kingdom of Emaar Aquarium is now a large family of 16 members with baby crocodiles.

The baby crocodiles that hatched in October were looked after by a team of veterinarians and aquaculture engineers in the special area reserved for them in the aquarium for three months.

The fry, which are 30 cm in length and 84 g in weight when they hatch, are expected to reach 80 to 100 cm in a year. Get your discounted ticket now to see the crocodile cubs in their new home.