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Scientific Name: Aonyx cinerea | Geographical Distribution: India, Malaysia, Southern China and Philippines

Emaar Akvaryum - Samurlar

Otters are the only mammals that can use their claws in the same way that humans use their hands. They have a clever way of eating mussels: they leave them to dry in the sun, and when the mussels open, they eat the meat inside.

Otters can communicate with 12 different sounds, and they spray their urine to mark their territory with their scent. They defend against strangers by constantly patrolling their area. The scent of an otter is as unique as a human fingerprint.

These animals, which live both in water and on land, are one of the endangered species today due to the loss of their habitats due to agricultural pollution and deforestation.

Be sure to see the otters being fed by our expert aquaculture engineers. Click for feeding times.