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King Crocodile Among Us

The most enormous creature of the animal kingdom, the male giant saltwater crocodile weighing 750 kg and the length of 5 meters, and its female took their place in their new home in Istanbul, Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Emaar Akvaryum - Kral Timsah

Believe Your Eyes

Only 2,4 m when noticed at first. This crocodile, which was long and considered a ‘problematic’ crocodile by the locals but soon became worthy of the title of Crocodile King, was quickly taken from the Botanic Gardens where it was detected and transferred to a more sheltered environment in Queensland, Australia.

The bite force of the giant crocodile is estimated to be more than ten times stronger than the bite force of the great white shark, making it the strongest bite force among animals. Its head alone weighs more than 150 kg. Each of its 60 razor-sharp teeth is the size of an average index finger.

750 Kg: 14.5 adults – and quite ADULT – equal to the weight of a male, the Crocodile King is one of the largest reptiles living in a sheltered environment today.

1.5 TON PSI: This saltwater crocodile has the highest bite force of any animal known to man.

150 Kg: The Crocodile King’s head alone weighs more than 150 Kg, which is roughly equivalent to the weight of 30 human heads.

60 PEARL WHITE TEETH: Each of the tightly arranged, razor-sharp teeth is the size of an average index finger.

OVER 5 METERS LONG: Equal to the size of 6 supermarket trolleys lined up in a row, the Crocodile King is one of the largest reptiles ever to live in a sheltered environment.

Emaar Akvaryum - Kral Timsah

Nature's most feared and strongest reptile

Thanks to regular food and a sheltered environment, the Crocodile King enjoyed the perfect conditions that made it one of nature’s most feared and strongest reptiles to ever live.

Even today, the Crocodile King, one of the largest in the world, is expected to grow even more over the next 50 years.

Although saltwater crocodiles living in Australia mainly feed on fish, small reptiles and diving birds, they are also known to feed on larger prey such as wild boar and water buffalo. Described as a ‘problematic’ crocodile due to its aggressive nature, the Crocodile King should be kept in a sheltered environment due to the possibility of encountering other male crocodiles and humans.

Be sure to see the king crocodile being fed by our expert aquaculture engineers. Click for feeding times.