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Habitat: South of Africa

Meerkat is an insect eater, feeding mainly on insects and lepidopterans; can also feed on eggs, amphibians, arthropods, reptiles, small birds, plants and seeds

Meerkats are social mammals that live in groups of 2-30 individuals, each consisting of almost equal numbers of both sexes and multiple pairs and their offspring. Members of the herd have duties such as looking after the young and keeping an eye on predators. Meerkats are a cooperative breeder – typically the dominant “breeders” in a herd produce offspring, and non-breeding dependent “helpers” take care of the offspring. The herds live in rock crevices in stony areas and in large nest systems on the plains. Herds may migrate en masse in search of food from high predator pressure and during floods. Meerkats are extremely alert and often turn their heads to inspect their surroundings; some are always on guard and watch out for danger.