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Experience the Real Thrill of the Wild and Get Up Close and Personal with The World’s Most Amazing Animals.

You can meet the most fascinating underwater creatures on the planet in the glass-looking underwater walking tunnel with a 270-degree viewing angle.

One of the most interesting features of raccoons is that they do not eat their food without washing it in water. In fact, these features are not related to their understanding of cleanliness, but to their desire to bring their food to a consistency that they can easily chew.


Penguin Island is home to a colony of South American Humbolt penguins.

There are 13 types of otters. The smallest of these species is the small-clawed Asian otter, the largest is the giant otter, and the heaviest is the sea otter.

Vervet Monkeys have been noted to have some human-like behavior; such as hypertension and anxiety. Herds of vervets, which are social creatures like humans, can grow up to 70 monkeys.

This is a harsh and harsh environment where land meets sea and only the fittest survive.

Snakes, spiders, iguanas, chameleons, wild piranhas, baby king crocodiles and many water creatures and amphibians, which are among the curious creatures of the forest, are waiting for you in the forest section.

Are you ready to scuba dive among mini manta rays, cow-headed rays, guitar sharks and many more fish in Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo?

Draw and color the majestic dinosaurs and magnificent fish on the tablet as you wish, and revive your dreams in the digital world on the Dream Island, the digital interactive playground.

Otters, which are as playful as they are intelligent, red-cheeked turtles that we all know well, arawanas, one of the most impressive fish of the Amazons, herbivorous piranhas, stingrays… There are many creatures you would like to see in the Rivers and Waterfalls area.

You will shudder to come face to face with one of the largest reptiles in the world, a 5 m male king crocodile and a 3 m female.