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Emaar Aquarium Coming to Your Home!

Are You Ready For The Online Emaar Aquarium Experience?

Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo brings a different experience to life, for the first time in Turkey, with the Online Aquarium Experience video series, as a guest of your home and takes you on a wonderful journey in the depths of the oceans!

Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, where hundreds of underwater creatures can be seen together, offers an educational, educational and quality time to all children and underwater enthusiasts with its “Online Aquarium Experience”.

Online Aquarium Experience Video Series:

  • Penguin Island and the Otters (14 minutes 31 seconds)
  • A Day at the Aquarist and Sharks (10 minutes 58 seconds)
  • Crocodile Kingdom and Snake Hill (10 minutes 41 seconds)

So what’s in these videos?

In these films full of educational and educational information, aquarium workers and aquarists describe many different topics, from how the creatures in the aquarium feed, from their physiological characteristics to how they are happy with the conditions necessary for their survival, as well as the underwater ecosystem.

You can buy any of these themes or the more advantageous 3-pack and start watching the Online Aquarium Experience right away!

To purchase: You can visit https://bilet.emaarakvaryum.com .

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Important Note: Videos may not be suitable for children aged 0-3. It is recommended that children aged 3-7 be accompanied by an adult while watching the videos.